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ICSI CS Exam: Candidates Demands to Postpone Exam

Hyderabad: Ahead of Firm Secretary (CS) examinations that is to start from December 21. The candidates have demanded the Institute of Firm Secretaries of India (ICSI) to either postpone examinations or conduct a second cycle for Covid-19 optimistic candidates in February. They sought for this so that they don’t have to attend for one more six months to look for exams.

Students Raised Concern on ICSI CS Exam

The candidates have called for the exam to be postponed for which they stated their concerns adhering to the pandemic situation. As exams are to be conducted continuously for 10 days, there are chances that many candidates might contract coronavirus. Also, there is a chance that they can develop symptoms during examinations which can make them ineligible to appear for remaining examinations.

A candidate who travelled from Bhimavaram to Hyderabad to appear for the exams questioned E Sai Babu,

“Already we lost six months as exams which were supposed to be held in June 2020 are being held now in December. If a candidate is Covid-19 positive or they have any symptoms then they will not be allowed to appear for the exam. Why not give them another chance in February? What if we get infected during the examinations?”

Also, the candidates added that they should be given an option to voluntarily opt-out of the exam even without submitting a Covid-19 positive certificate. Further, questioned why the ICSI is hellbent on conducting exams in December when the Covid-19 vaccine is likely to be available in January.

They pointed out, several exams including JEE, CA exams were conducted in phases this year and some exams like Cost Accountant are conducted both online and offline.

(Source: Times of India)


  1. Is there nobody to redress us… Being in a family where i lost 2 lives due to corona… My mamma n tauji n 5 others my brother mom mammi my younger brother recovered from corona if i m asking for a 2nd cycle is it too much to ask for?…will i be not afraid..


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