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OCS 2020 Aspirants to get one Compensatory Attempt Considering Covid-19

Odisha: The government of Odisha has granted one compensatory attempt for civil service aspirants who may have exhausted their attempts or are now ineligible to appear in the OCS (Odisha Civil Services)-2020 due to the upper age limit.

Odisha Government on Compensatory Attempt for OCS 2020 Aspirants

The state government announced, “The candidates who have appeared in OCS-E-2018 or OCS-E-2019 and are ineligible to appear/compete in the OCS-Exam-2020 on account of the attainment of upper age limit or exhaustion of the attempts prescribed under the Rules, shall be allowed one more additional compensatory attempt for appearing in OCSE-2020.”

Also, added, “Consequent upon introduction of UPSC pattern in the OCS Examination. The Government has already allowed additional compensatory attempts in past to the candidates to appear in the OCSE Examinations. In spite of that, demands to allow additional chances to appear in the OCSE-2020 have been received by the Government from some OCS Examination aspirants.”

As per reports, 44,636 candidates applied for the OCSE in 2019. While only 25,780 candidates appeared for the preliminary examination. It was held on March 15, two days after the COVID-19 pandemic was declared a “State Disaster”.

(Source: India TV)


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