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Schools Will Remain Closed in Haryana Till November 30

Haryana: The Government of Haryana, post its decision declared that all government, as well as private schools, will remain closed in the state till November 30. This decision has been taken considering the hype in  COVID-19 cases.

No Reopening of Schools in Haryana Till November 30: Says State Government

As the number of coronavirus cases is rising, the Haryana Government has decided to keep schools shut till the end of this month. This decision came just after BMC decided to close schools till December 31.

The officials said, “Over 150 school students from three districts in Haryana have tested positive for coronavirus. This has prompted authorities to order the closure of the educational institutions for a few days, officials”.

It came into sight that 91 students from 13 schools in the Rewari district have tested positive for COVID-19. Also, adding to the same 10 teachers of various schools in Jind district too have contracted the infection. Moreover, 34  students and 2 teachers from the Jhajjar district also add to the infected case.

Altogether, schools will remain closed in Haryana till November 30, 2020, and will reopen only after further notice.

(Source: NDTV Education)


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